Tuesday, 6 December 2011

DIY Cutout Dress #2

So I've been chopping up all my dresses lately, trying to turn them into something nice, and it has actually been working kind of alright! You can check out the DIY for my other cutout dress here. Basically for this triangle cutout, all you need to do is get a cheap vintage dress (one with a waistline already sewn in is best, but not necessary), turn it inside out and carefully slice out an upside down T where ever you want the triangle cutout to be, fold back the little triangle flaps that you make, and then hem around all the edges either using a sewing machine, or using small handstiches like I did here.

Here's a pretty badly drawn paint diagram if you don't get what I mean:
Finished product:


  1. love it!
    cool cut-out! I'm definitely trying it!

  2. you are so dang adorable!

  3. I absolutely love your heels & tights! Where did you get them?

  4. can you do this with the circle skirt dress you've made?

    1. Not so easily, because the circle skirt dress has lining.. hmm..


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