Saturday, 17 December 2011

Blogging to ya'll from a hospital bed

Just because I've found myself stuck in hospital this week, doesn't mean I can't get stuck into some DIY. In fact, hospital is more or less the perfect place for whiling away mindless hours hand sewing and cutting up fabric. And as I'm stuck in a ward of old, seriously old people, I'm competing with a whole lot of little old ladies to become the best sewer in this place. The DIY is ON! (I'm so lame.) I convinced my lovely mum to go and buy me a whole bunch of stuff from spotlight, winning a whole big bag of material and thread with sympathy for having to be in hospital (muh ha ha). So i figured as I can't do any outfit posts at the moment (a lookbook on how to best decorate ones shapeless white hospital gown, perhaps?), this is what I've come up with after a few days of mind-numbing boredom (keep in mind I also have a bunch of leads connected to me and an IV in my arm so my sewing skills have been somewhat compromised (so no laughing)):

- A mustard scalloped peter pan collar with embroidery details

- A plain mustard peter pan collar

- Several velvet bows in all sizes, with both bobby pins and safety pins on the back to create bows for my hair and bowties for my clothes

- The beginnings of a red velvet skirt (and there will also be some red velvet bows from the offcuts, I'm sure)

- And some more peter pan collars of all colours, sizes and shapes (did I mention I'm planning on becoming the queen of collars?)

And of course, there's some (bad quality) photos of this for your viewing pleasure if you all care to scroll down the page just a little bit.

Hopefully I'll be out and blogging again just before Christmas. Much love to you all :) xxx Annika


  1. Girrrl you got so many skillz! Is it rude of me to ask why you're in hospital? I hope you're okay!

  2. A hospital bed may be needed if you or a family member is ill or recovering from an illness at home.


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