Saturday, 1 October 2011

Traveller's Outfit

Black Woolen Hat
$15, Cotton On

Mustard Crochet Sweater
Stripey Sheer Tights
World Print Bag
Black Glitter Litas
High Waisted Denim Shorts

I’m going on my first overseas trip ever to Japan in FIFTEEN (!!) days, and getting very very excited about it too, so I thought that this bag with it’s atlas print was very appropriate for this outfit! Also, new boots! They're so comfy and fantastic and gorgeous, I am in love. You can get them here:


  1. Badass outfit! I'm too scared to buy anything from, yet I want to own all of it! I wish I was a size 6 Asian girl, haha.

  2. great photos ;)
    can you visit my blog?

  3. Haha yeah their clothes are so tiny. It's pretty risky because sometimes they're just wayyyy too small and don't fit and it's sad. It is pretty scary haha :) And thank you so much! :)


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