Friday, 9 September 2011

Home Is Wherever I'm With You

  1. Camera Ring

  2. Cream "Fish Scale" Shoes

  3. Floppy Black Wool Hat

    $15 or $20 (don't remember), Rubi Shoes
  4. Polka Dot Collared Shirt

  5. High Waisted Skirt with Braces

  6. Vintage Suitcase

    Council Collection
  7. Key Shaped Pocketwatch

While we were taking photos, I found this suitcase out the front of my neighbours house for council collection. They were just going to throw it out!!!!!! Needless to say I rescused it. Mine now, silly neighbour (I think I may have started to have an issue with hoarding. Nevermind. It just means that I get to have heaps of cool stuff... right?)

Here's some more pictures of this outfit anyway:

This picture here is before I found the suitcase, you can see it in the background there in my neighbours rubbish pile for council collection:
And then I'm real happy here because I stole the suitcase for myself :) haha


  1. As I said on lookbook i really love this outfit. you have had a great idea for taking such photos. the necklace is charming and you look wonderful!

  2. Very cute ! I will show your outfit in my blog next week !

  3. Oh wow! That's fantastic! Thank you! If you could link it back to my blog as well that would be great :)

    Much love

  4. Im loving this look! And the suitcase... lucky you!



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