Monday, 22 August 2011

You'll never live like the Common People

Hollowed Out Oxfords
$8 -
My Friend's Ring
Embroided Shoulder Bag
$6 -
Straw Bowler Hat
Round Spectacles
$5 - Sydney Markets
Cropped Crochet Sweater
$15 - Forever 21
Chiffon Bowknot Blouse
$5, Chinese Wholesale -
High Waist Denim Shorts
$9 -

I like combining bow-tie collars and peter pan collars with cropped sweaters, especially with this crochet styled sweater, because they look super cute together.

Anthems for A Seventeen Year Old

Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old (by Annika Victoria)
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There is almost no colour in this outfit which is a very unusual thing for me. It’s also so very basic (for me). I love love this little black dress from as it’s got a very nice shift-style front and has an open back with a twisty bow kind of detail. I wore this out the other night to dinner, then to a pub and then to a party (although with about 500 other layers on top of it because it’s winter here now). But in the summer this would be a perfect night time outfit (I can’t wait for summer :( )

Galaxy Owl

Galaxy Owl (by Annika Victoria)
I did it! I made a DIY Galaxy print tee after being inspired by NAOMAYYY’s Everybody is Ugly Article on the Galaxy Trend (here). Furthermore, I didn’t even have bleach so this t-shirt was made with floor-cleaner. That’s right, floor cleaner, for bathroom floors. So i think it’s pretty impressive that it looks galaxyish at all. I also bought this new hat the other day from a real life store, Rubi Shoes (not even from online, which is very rare for me) and I loooooove it! That is all.

Sing, Swing, Sing

Sing, Swing, Sing (by Annika Victoria)

If you've got the money

Demin and Roses and Online Love - via chictopia
I went clothes shopping the other day in this outfit – yes, at a normal shopping centre – and I eventually became aware that nothing I was wearing was purchased at a normal shopping centre. Hence I had quite a lot of difficultly browsing and buying real life clothes. I didn’t even buy anything the entire day, except for some sushi for lunching on, and I think that is because I’m completely addicted to online shopping. Online shopping 1, Normal shopping 0

Pastel Picnic

shorts from
shirt from
cardigan and shoes from