Friday, 22 July 2011

Summer hats are my new winter trend


Straw Bowler Hat

Hollow-out Oxfords

Waisted Contrast Button Dress
$42, Asos

Embroided Shoulder Bag

I am sick of it being winter in the southern hemisphere while everyone else up north is running around all happy and summery in lovely summer clothes. It snowed here the other day and I had to wear about 10 layers of clothing, and was very puffy looking but still freezing! So, in this photo I am more or less being stubborn and pretending that it’s warm with my summer hat and brand new ASOS dress and bare legs (Ignore that my kneecaps are tinged a little purplish). At the very least I can look back on this photo and think: Ah yes! What a nice summers day that was!


  1. You have fantastic legs :-). So please, please pretend it's summer every day and keep them bare!

  2. This post is not at all cringe-worthy! Although I understand how you see that comment^
    (this is in relation to your blog-birthday post btw)

  3. Its almost like the winter is crawling out of the picture.


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