Saturday, 23 July 2011

Suspenders and Lace

This is the outfit I wore the other night to see Modest Mouse. I aimed for my clothes to be moshpit friendly: Cardigan can be tied to satchel bag when it gets too hot, short sleeves for easy arm movement, shorts (not a skirt) for dancing without flashing everyone and skirt riding up, and big combat boots so feet don’t get crushed.
Also, Modest Mouse were amazing.


1. Asos Orange Dress - $28 - (worn as top)

2. Lace Tiered Shorts - $5 -

3. Cream Granny Cardigan - $20 -

4. Colour Block Suspender Tights - $3 -

5. Pocketwatch - $10 - Sydney Markets

6. Black Combat Boots - $15 - KMart

It's been raining forever so I had to take these photos inside - sorry for the terrible quality. I just did another Wholesale-dress haul and it went alright - these tights are amazing and the lace shorts are pretty cool too.


  1. I'm going back through your archives, and you look so different! Except for your expression, which is always that slightly smirky smile. ;) Anyway, love your blog!

    1. haha, yeah i'm about 10kgs larger now (and have pink hair, of course) which is probably why!
      Thank you so much though :)


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