Thursday, 28 July 2011

Buying from

People have been asking me how I buy from when soooo many other reviews on the internet depict this website as selling terrible quality clothes. I'll post some examples later, but for now, here is my quick strategy guide for BUYING WHOLESALE CLOTHING.

1. Type Wholesale into the lookbook search bar and browse other people who are wearing clothes from that website. Many have links to urls and doing this is helpful because you know what the clothes will look like. If they're a similar body type to you as well, then you know it'll fit you too! Also google reviews of wholesale-dress, and find blogs which actually display the blogger wearing the clothes.

2. When you've got a basket full of items you want, comment on EVERY ITEM in the "ask a question" section to ask if it's in stock. Often they forget to update items when they're out of stock, so you need to do this to make sure.
Still, buying from is risky because sometimes even when they say something is in stock it is not. If you want cheap clothes you'll need to take this risk, and they'll refund you the money and shipping costs of the out of stock item as store credit which you can use on subsequent purchases.

3. Shipping is expensive but the more you buy the cheaper it is, relatively at least. Try and do hauls of at least $150 each time. Fedex is also the best postage to go with.
Don't go for items which are $2 or under. They'll almost never be good. Go for items which are $5 up and the quality will almost always be good.

More information which could also be helpful:

Generally ignore the sizing on items. It's usually wrong (except for shoes). Everything turns out to be about a size US2/UK6/AU6 no matter what it says. Just make sure the sizing is approximately what your body measurements are, give or take about 8 cm.

I order shoe size 40. For reference, in Australia, my shoe size is 8, and from Forever 21 (USA) my shoe size is 8 as well. Euro sizing-wise, i'm usually a 40.

BAGS, HATS AND SHOES are a really good buy! Or perhaps I've just been lucky. Anyway you can look HERE or HERE to see some examples of bags, shoes and hats that I've bought from

Still, buying wholesale is more risky than buying off a normal online website. But if you follow this kind of strategy, and have in mind that you're paying much less than you would for similar or identical items bought elsewhere, it really is worth it.


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